A Skier's and snowboarder's paradise

Between December and April, the Fichtelberg – Klínovec ski region, the largest and most modern of the Ore Mountain resorts, offers an entire 47 km of excellent and perfectly groomed ski pistes.

Which is much more than Špindlerův Mlýn, for example, can offer. In addition, we have cutting-edge chairlifts and dozens of pistes of varying difficulties. Parking is not an issue either, as it is a mere 300 m to the chairlift. And if that's not enough, there are another 12 pistes at neighbouring Boží Dar.

Visit either of two snow parks and get your adrenaline flowing on crates, slide boxes, rails or the Superpipe vert ramp. The snow parks at Klínovec and Neklid invite you to overcome obstacles and to outdo yourself.

Cross-country skiing and hiking

Over 150 km of ski trails across ridges and mountain towns open up charming views of the Ore Mountains landscape. The small elevation differences allow for cross-country skiing for all age groups, so the bold can go with their children as well.


Do you know what snowkiting is? Have you ever tried it? If not, you now have the perfect opportunity to discover this unconventional sport, which combines a snowboard and a special kite to get you into the air and to run over snowy plains and hills with ease.

Experienced instructors will introduce you to the secrets of snowkiting at Boží Dar. And for those who already know how, enjoy the wild ride!

Snow tubing

Fun for children and adults. Sliding down a snow tube on a large inflated inner tube is the perfect distraction and incredible fun. After this experience, normal sledging will seem boring. We are sure that one ride will not be enough for you.

You don’t even have to worry about trundling back up the hill after each ride. A special ski tow will carry you back to the top of the snow tube. Try snow tubing at Boží Dar or on Fichtelberg in the small town of Kurort Oberwiesenthal.